Which is worse?

From a New York Times article on the impact of racial attitudes on voting in the South:

One white woman said she feared that blacks would now become more “aggressive,” while another volunteered that she was bothered by the idea of a black man “over me” in the White House.

Which is worse? That the second woman is bothered because Obama is black, or that she thinks the president is “over her”? Tip: there is a reason the Constitution begins with the words “We the people”…

To be fair, the comments only get uglier from there. Take it away Don Dollar:

Don Dollar, the administrative assistant at City Hall, said bitterly that anyone not upset with Mr. Obama’s victory should seek religious forgiveness.
“This is a community that’s supposed to be filled with a bunch of Christian folks,” he said. “If they’re not disappointed, they need to be at the altar.”

I’ll have to get back to you, dear reader, on the relevant biblical passages. How about Gail McDaniel:

“I am concerned,” Gail McDaniel, who owns a cosmetics business, said in the parking lot of the Shop and Save. “The abortion thing bothers me. Same-sex marriage.”
“I think there are going to be outbreaks from blacks,” she added. “From where I’m from, this is going to give them the right to be more aggressive.”

I wonder if black residents of Vernon, Alabama agree that the race of the president gives people of that race the right to be more aggressive….


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