Outstanding electoral results

Not necessarily good ones, just outstanding:


Likely outcome: Obama 365, McCain 173


Side note

From the Star Tribune article:

Coleman urged Franken to waive his right to a recount, saying that the prospect of changing the result was remote and that a recount would be costly to taxpayers (about $86,000).

“I just think the need for the healing process is so important. … hopefully, you don’t have TV ads during an election recount,” Coleman said.

What kind of bs is that? “Healing process”, my ass. Any idiot scientist worth his or her salt knows there’s always some error involved with making precise measurements, like counting the number of filled-in bubbles next to the name “Coleman” on a huge pile of ballots, and that it’s best to repeat the experiment a few times in order to get accurate results. The margin of the current count is 477 out of ~2.9 million, which is slightly more than 1 percent of 1 percent, or one part in 10^4.


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