Good news for (New Mexico) green chile lovers/addicts abroad

red, green, and inbetween

red, green, and inbetween

Amazingly, spicy green chile can be grown even in here in Germany. I ordered seeds from the Chile Pepper Institute at NMSU earlier this year and thought I’d give it a try. Turned out pretty well (especially with the help of Andrea’s mother in the seeding and germination phase). We had two plants, and by careful pruning (i.e. none) managed to get around 40 chiles.
About half turned red before I got around to picking them, as you can see. After roasting (in the oven) and peeling, we tried some out on a pizza and were pretty surprised that it was actually spicy. Not as hot as true New Mexico green chile, but not bad considering the subtle differences in climate.
I already had a feeling they might be at least a little hotter than bell peppers, as I didn’t think to wear gloves when preparing the chiles for roasting (getting rid of the seeds mainly). A couple of joints on my fingers were still burning the next day…

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